SACSys: Safe and Secure Adaptive Collaborative Systems

There is a rapid development of technology such as self-driving cars and collaborating robots. These products are additionally integrated into collaborating ensembles, capable of delivering collaborative functions, such as vehicle platooning. At the same time as the complexity and diversity of these systems grow, they have to become increasingly adaptive, both because their complex interplay and behavior cannot be fully predicted and analyzed at design-time, and also because they operate in unpredictable environments. Current state-of practice in system architecture, software development and safety and security assurance is challenged by this development.

In SACSys, we address the core question of how to provide run-time guarantees of safety and cyber-security for time-critical collaborative adaptive systems. For achieving this goal, we will recognize and define continuous safety and security requirements with time-criticality features in adaptive systems (through subproject CASSA), and design behavioral models at run-time to analyze and check conformance of the safety and security requirements (through subproject APAC). The analysis of such models will be executed in a suitable cloud-based platform with real-time guarantees, provided by novel approaches (developed within subproject RTCloud). These subprojects will each contribute with a required element, and jointly provide a viable answer to the SACSys core question. The Swedish industrial giants, Volvo Cars, Volvo GTO, Volvo CE and ABB Robotics participate in coproduction throughout the project by provision of requirements and use cases as well as involvement and guidance in research focus and implementation. The co-production and results of SACSys are expected to increase the business prospects of the industrial partners by increased competence and key solutions that will strengthen their competitiveness related to design of collaborative adaptive system products and services. Prof. Edward Lee from UC Berkeley, the world’s leading expert in cyber-physical systems, and Prof. David Garlan from CMU, the internationally known expert in self-adaptive software, will contribute as external advisors of the project.


Project Details

Start: 2019-09-01
Planned completion: 2023-08-31
Research Area: Certifiable Evidences and Justification Engineering Complex Real-Time Embedded Systems Cyber-Physical Systems Analysis


Funding Agancy

Funding Agancy

The project is funded by the Swedish research financier for universities, KK-stiftelsen



Latest publications

A list of all publications can be found here

Ethics of Autonomous Collective Decision-Making: the CAESAR Framework
Mirgita Frasheri , Václav Struhár, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Aida Causevic
Science and Engineering Ethics (JSEE'22)

Feedback-based resource management for multi-threaded applications
Alessandro Papadopoulos, Kunal Agrawal , Enrico Bini , Sanjoy Baruah
Real-Time Systems (RTSJ 2022)

Multi-concern Dependability-centered Assurance via Qualitative and Quantitative Co-analysis
Barbara Gallina, Leonardo Montecchi , André Luiz de Oliveira , Lucas Paiva Bressan
IEEE Softw. SI (IEEE Softw. SI)

A Comprehensive Exploration of Languages for Parallel Computing
Federico Ciccozzi, Lorenzo Addazi, Sara Abbaspour, Björn Lisper, Abu Naser Masud, Saad Mubeen
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR'21)

A Comprehensive Study on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Implement Safety Using Communication Technologies
Rafia Inam, Alberto Yukinobu Hata , Vlasjov Prifti , Sara Abbaspour
Wireless Personal Communications Journal (WIRE)

PerfSim: A Performance Simulator for Cloud Native Microservice Chains
Michel Gokan Khan , Javid Taheri , Auday Al-Dulaimy, Andreas Kassler
IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)

Multiconcern, Dependability-Centered Assurance Via a Qualitative and Quantitative Co-analysis
Barbara Gallina, Leonardo Montecchi , André Luiz de Oliveira , Lucas Paiva Bressan

Our Team

Team Leaders

Marjan Sirjani


(Project Leader)

Antonio Cicchetti

Associate Professor

Thomas Nolte


Advisory Team Memberes

Edward Lee


David Garlan


Industry Partners

Roger Dahlgren

ABB Robotics

Fredrik Hedenfalk

ABB Robotics

Bjarne Johansson

ABB Robotics

Team Members

Barbara Gallina

Associate Professor

Auday Al-Dulaimy

Associated Senior Lecturer

Sara Abbaspour

Associated Senior Lecturer

Václav Struhár

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Mojtaba Kaheni

Postdoctoral Researcher

Maghsood Salimi

Doctoral Student

Ermia Hassanpour

Master Student

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Fereidoun Moradi

Doctoral Student

Shaik Salman

Doctoral Student

Zahra Moezkarimi

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